Family Program


Family Program

The involvement of family into the recovery process is an important part of maintaining recovery post treatment. At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, there are multiple opportunities for the family to be integrated into the treatment process.

Those identified family members will be involved in weekly updates by the individual’s therapist.  Updates include treatment progress and ways to support the individual post treatment.  Family members could also be involved in family sessions at the therapist’s discretion. Family members will also be provided with resources for family support in their community, and educational resources to help them better understand the disease of addiction and recovery process.


When clinically appropriate, families are invited for family visitation.  This visitation is offered twice per week, on Sunday and Wednesday.  During this visitation time, Alanon is provided on Sunday, and a therapist led psychoeducational and support group is held on Wednesday.  These groups are offered prior to the visitation.   These groups are strongly encouraged for family participation, as they offer support and healing through the recovery process.

Family Day

Mount Sinai Wellness hosts a family day every 2nd Sunday of the month.  During this day, families are educated on the disease of addiction and the recovery process.  Our staff offers psychoeducational groups to families to help with their understanding of the process, teaches tools to assist in effective communication and healthy boundaries, and are encouraged to receive support from each other.

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